Visit the Village of Ulassai

  • The "nannai" of Ulassai

    The "nannai" of Ulassai sitting on the bench, enjoying some fresh air and having a chat.

  • The Ulassai donkey

    The donkey carrying climbing gear during the Festival in Ulassai.

  • The arch of Piazza Barigau.

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  • Tacco Tisiddu

    The Tacco Tissiddu in Ulassai. MTB trails, hiking paths, and climbing Spot.

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  • Sheep milking.

    Marco milking the sheep in Ulassai.

Ulassai is a charming Sardinian village that captivates you from the moment you arrive. It is located in the heart of Ogliastra, at an elevation of 700 meters above sea level, and is surrounded by beautiful “tacchi” (massive rock formations) that make it unique in the world! Due to its privileged location, it offers a wide variety of landscapes, some of the most picturesque in Sardinia, and numerous opportunities for outdoor sports throughout the year.

In the evening, we can also mention the enchanting Christmas nativity scene! In Ulassai, like in many other Italian towns, the nativity scene holds great importance during the holiday season. The streets of the village come alive with festive lights and intricate figures representing the nativity, creating a magical and captivating atmosphere. It is an opportunity for families and the community to come together and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. The nativity scene in Ulassai is a work of art carefully crafted with attention to detail, featuring realistic settings that include the stable, shepherds, the Three Wise Men, and animals. It is an attraction that draws visitors from all over the world and makes the holiday season even more special for the local community. 🙂

Ulassai di sera Bella B&B ulassai taccu maccu Climbing home ulassai
Ulassai Nannai B&B ulassai taccu maccu Climbing home ulassai

Nannai Ulassai

The people of Ulassai are known for their kindness and hospitality. They have a strong connection to their land and take great pride in preserving their traditions in all aspects of life, including values, customs, clothing, cuisine, and more. You will quickly fall in love with both the people and the place itself. The warmth and authenticity of the Ulassesi will leave a lasting impression, making your experience in Ulassai truly unforgettable.

Is Culurgionis” are one of the typical dishes of Ulassai and Ogliastra: handmade fresh pasta filled with a delicious mixture of potatoes, mint, and pecorino cheese. They are incredibly tasty! For lovers of traditional cuisine, they are a real gem.

Culurgionis Pasta Tipica Sarda Ulassai Sardinia B&B ulassai taccu maccu Climbing home ulassai
Vino Cannonau Sardegna B&B ulassai taccu maccu Climbing home ulassai

The “Cannonau” is the most widespread indigenous red grape variety in Sardinia and is indeed considered the oenological symbol of the island. Cannonau wine is powerful and structured, characterized by robust tannins, low acidity, warmth, spicy notes, and a rounded fruit profile of plums and cherries. There are many wineries in Ulassai and Jerzu where you can taste and even stock up on this exceptional wine to bring back with you. There are many wineries in Ulassai and Jerzu where you can taste Cannonau wine and even fill your suitcase with bottles to bring back home. These wineries offer a unique opportunity to explore the local wine production, learn about the winemaking process, and indulge in the flavors of the renowned Cannonau wine. Don’t miss the chance to visit these wineries and experience the rich wine culture of the Ulassai and Jerzu regions. 🙂

Cooperatives and small-scale owners and farmers in Ogliastra (including ourselves!) produce extra virgin olive oil that is strongly tied to the territory. The taste is truly unique!

Olive_Ogliastra_Olio B&B ulassai taccu maccu Climbing home ulassai

The Lequarci Waterfall in Ulassai

Grotta “Su Marmuri” The “Su Marmuri” Cave in Ulassai is considered a landscape and artistic heritage of immeasurable value. It can be visited, and excursions are organized for trekking enthusiasts. Please call to book a guided tour!

Grotta Su Marmuri Ulassai B&B ulassai taccu maccu Climbing home ulassai
Maria Lai - Museo La stazione dell'arte B&B ulassai taccu maccu Climbing home ulassai

Discover the vision and works of Ulassai artist Maria Lai along the “Open-Air Museum in Ulassai” and visit the Stazione dell’arte (Art Station).

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